Creating network diagrams with Inkscape

A while ago I was looking at creating a network diagram for my home. I first was playing around with the usual tools that are freely available e.g. Draw, Dia, etc. These produced useful diagrams but they were really boring. I did some more searching and found that Inkscape has a Connector tool that you can use to create diagrams. I ended up spending some time and making a “modern” looking network diagram, as you can see here:



The icons are from the Faenza icon set which I only recently stopped using as my icons on my Ubuntu desktop. I have modified some of the icons for devices like the Switch and WAP.

Using Inkscape to create  network diagrams is not the best way to do it. I had a few issues with connectors losing their connection when moving devices around and the occasional crash (which I reported to Inkscape on Launchpad). I would love if more support for connectors and network diagram style drawing was added into the SVG standard because you can make really nice looking diagrams.