Accessing your modem from OpenWRT Router

In this setup the modem’s IP address will be and the OpenWRT router’s address will be

Go to Network section and open Interfaces
Down the bottom of the Interface section click on Add new interface…

01 Create InterfaceName the interface e.g. modem
Select the radio button next to the wan interface in the Cover the following interface section
Click Submit
The configuration page for the new interface will now load

02 Interface Config

Enter in the address as and netmask as
Go to the Firewall Settings tab and make sure the new interface is assigned to the wan zone

03 Zone Config

Click Save & Apply

Click on the Network  menu and select Interfaces

06 Connect Interface

Click Connect next to the modem interface
You should now be able to access your modem’s web console from a device on your LAN


12 thoughts on “Accessing your modem from OpenWRT Router

    1. Make sure the IP address you assign to the “modem” interface is not the same as the actual modem IP address. In the example above, it’s one decimal value away. You may also need to reboot the DSL modem, then the router, and flush your browser cache. Try using telnet or SSH to connect to the modem before you try HTTP access, to rule out strange browser behavior.

  1. Thanks a lot of the tutorial! It helped me to connect to a remote vdsl router that i share to my home throught wifi links about 6km away.
    I use pppoe call to the vdsl modem so my openwrt router to handle my network better. But had trouble connecting to the vdsl router web menu so to maker reboots or check stats.
    The trick here with the second interface fixed this.Would you mind explaing it a little bit.

    thanks again

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