Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 for fun

In wanted to test an upgrade from SCCM 2012 SP1 to R2 as I couldn’t find much info on how to do this yet. I also wanted to play around with Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012. We had a nice Sun server laying around that has 90GB of RAM and seems like a waste to be sitting there, so I installed Hyper-V 2012 on it.

There is only two 120GB SAS drives in the server and since it is just for stuffing around I put them in a RAID0. Install was simple. Configuration is easy too as it has a basic CLI interface. Enabled Remote Access in moments and started managing it from my Windows 8 machine.

I had some issues connecting to ISOs that were located on my machine but that was just security settings on my machine. I just added the Hyper-V server to the Administrators group and then it worked fine, not the most secure way to do it but it’s just for testing.

I then discovered we have a NAS laying around that was a few years old. It is an Iomega StorCenter ix4-200r. I attempted to use it with the StorCenter software but it was being a pain. I downloaded FreeNAS and used that instead. It worked without having to make any changes. Once the NAS was setup in a RAID10 with a single CIFS share I then moved all the Hyper-V storage to that. I have run into a problem with moving the storage though. I was unable to completely move the VMs because I was getting this error:

VM Storage Move Failure
VM Storage Move Failure

It moves all the storage successfully but doesn’t move the configuration file. I have looked around and couldn’t find a fix for it besides creating a new VM and attaching the moved Virtual HD.

Now that it is all running I have a nice little test environment. Prior to the NAS install I had tested the SCCM update and it went well. I have now updated our SCCM to 2012 R2.

I replaced the RAM in the NAS to bring it up to 4GB. Unfortunately the NAS has an old chipset that only supports 4GB max. This definitely improved the performance though.


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